Private Boxing Training

Help conquer your mind

The battle in your mind is one of the subtler aspect of a boxing bout, however, it is among the most important. Physical preparation seems to be the most obvious characteristic of a successful boxer, your fitness and skills can be improved through continuous repetition and dedication to your training. Sharpening your mind and preparing it for a bout is a far more difficult task. The presence of a personal boxing coach can bolster your dedication, level of perseverance and desire to win in order to achieve the best possible frame of mind as a boxer. Boxing is a very personal sport and your level of confidence in your own abilities can make or break a fighter. Training your mind, one on one with a boxing coach can increase your confidence through the knowledge that someone else shares your belief in your abilities. Changing the way you think without becoming reliant on arrogance or self-validation is crucial. Some of these lessons have to be experienced rather than taught but the presence of a boxing coach can create a strong personal bond between the sport and yourself, preventing you from throwing in the towel when the going gets tough. Sometimes, forging toughness of the mind can only be achieved through another person bellowing over your shoulder, correcting your technique and straining your senses. Having a one on one personal boxing coach will ensure you have adequate psychological preparation for the physical rigours and stresses on the mind present in boxing.

Fitness first

You may think your motivation in the boxing gym is extremely high. However, you will most likely be shocked at the heightened level of effort induced by the presence of a boxing coach whose only focus is increasing your fitness level. Furthermore, a personal boxing coach is likely to introduce a myriad of new exercise strategies into your workout to ensure that you are conditioning your entire body and creating a holistic brand of fitness. Moreover, the one on one experience is likely to lead to corrections in your technique and form during a workout or sparring bout that might otherwise go unnoticed. This can lead to more effective workouts and a reduced risk of injury. A one on one boxing coach creates a level of collaboration that extends beyond the gym. Establishing running regimens, cross training (swimming, biking), shadow boxing, heavy boxing, depth perception habits and other exercises into your week is easy. However, you will be far more likely to stick to this routine with the spectre of your boxing coach and their uncanny knack for seeing through excuses hanging over your head. In addition, the closer relationship between yourself and your boxing coach opens up several new avenues that you can exploit to increase your level of fitness. Creating eating plans to balance your macro nutrients and decrease body fat percentage is just one example of the many opportunities for positive collaboration with your personal boxing coach.

Tips and tricks

A shared training group doesn’t give a boxing coach much time or room to diversify routines, provide personal anecdotes or impart the tips and tricks only gained through time and experience in the ring. It’s difficult to really appreciate the breadth of knowledge available to most boxing coaches until you are given one on one time with them. Listening to a stirring, inspirational speech from your trainer might be just the thing required to get you into the physical and mental zone for a boxing bout. Moreover, the combination of training experience, boxing proficiency and interpersonal skills can increase your overall level of boxing aptitude. One on one training with a personal boxing coach in a private setting can lead to knowledge regarding some of the ‘dirty tricks’ of the boxing world. Knowing how to counter certain combinations and pre-empt ‘dirty tricks’ can save you from some nasty surprises. Furthermore, a personal boxing coach can drum in many important lessons that you might otherwise ignore. The importance of filtering the ambient wall of noise and pressure from the crowd during a bout, speed vs strength and recovering from defeat are all important lessons which can only be imparted during one on one training sessions with a personal boxing coach.

Your own path

Training under a private boxing coach gives you the flexibility and skill to forge your own path in boxing. Standardized training routines and virtually no personal attention from a coach is the most significant flaw in group boxing sessions. Private boxing offers you an unparalleled opportunity to learn your own strengths and weaknesses. Private boxing trainers can subsequently equip you with the knowledge and skills to improve on your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. This kind of focus can assist you in determining which path you want to take on your boxing journey. Private boxing means that you aren’t forced to sculpt your purpose to the aim of a group. Whether it is boxing for self-defense, aspirations to be a professional boxer or simply an enjoyable pursuit, private boxing is the best possible choice to allow you to specialize in certain boxing skills and network with the right support staff and coaches.

Boxing is a uniquely beneficial sport and success requires dedication and training. Your ability to succeed and flourish as a boxer is dependent on how you train, the people you train with and the person (or persons) instructing you. Private boxing allows you to train as an individual rather than a in a group. Moreover, private boxing means you will be exposed to training strategies, personal advice and tips to ensure that you are physically and mentally prepared for the rigours of boxing.

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