Peter Belmar
Master trainer, Ringside World Masters Boxing Champion, ex Amateur Boxer, International Boxing Instructor, over 38 years of boxing experience.
Peter Belmar fought for the famous Fitzroy Lodge Boxing Club in London, England, under the tutelage of legendary boxing coaches Mick Carney and Billy Webster.

Their images are immortalized on the walls of Boxing914 as they are the influence behind the philosophy of the science of Boxing.

Peters’ teaching style is based on movement, the art of striking without being struck. The teaching of motion, angles, the ability to use the strength of the opponent against them as Peter’s personal fighting style reflects.

Peter Belmar image

Boxing with legendary coaches Billy Webster and Mick Carney.


Fitzroy Lodge Boxing Club

“A Lamborghini car, that has no petrol in it, ain’t going nowhere, and if you don’t put the effort in the gym, then forget about it. It’s not that sort of sport, you get found out. It’s no good looking at it this week and thinking, did I train last week, you got to look back, what did I do in January, what did I do in December. Did I start working in January 1st or February 12th, if you haven’t, wrong place, wrong sport” - Mick Carney¬†

Toni Mafes
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John teaches the kids program.
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