Schedule & Fees

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Adult group classes

6:45pm – 7:45pm: *Boxing for Beginners

6:45pm – 8:45pm: Boxing Open Gym

6:45pm – 7:45pm: Open Sparring

6:45pm – 7:45pm: *Boxing for Beginners

8:15am – 9:15am: *Circuit Training
12:30pm – 1:30pm: Sparring for beginners 
2:00pm – 3:00pm: Open Sparring

Kid’s group classes

5:30pm – 6:15pm: *Boxing for Kids (6 -12yrs)

9:00am – 10:00am: Sparring for Kids (8 -15yrs)

10:30am – 11:15am: *Boxing for Kids (6 -12yrs)

Free Class Info

Please note:
*FREE class on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays
With our FREE classes there is no need to book.
Simply turn up and take part in the class of your choice.

  • Single Class: $25 per class
  • Boxing for Kids (8-12yrs): $79 - $110 per month
  • 24/7 Month-to-Month gym access: $159 per month
  • 24/7 Yearly Membership gym access: $135 per month
  • Private 1-2-1 training: $40 - $80 per session
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Q&A about our fees and programs?

Do I have to sign a contract?
No, with our standard group classes, there is no contract.
Our boxing program fees are a month-by-month subscription-based fee.
You’re in full control of your membership fee and can cancel, suspend, or renew the membership at any time without even contacting us. However, if you wish to fight, you will have to sign a contract with the gym.
Do you have any cancellation fees?
No, we do not have any cancellation, sign up or late payment fees. The fee you see on our website is the fee you pay, there are no additional fees.
How can I cancel my monthly subscription?
  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Profile at the top of the page.
  3. Click My Money, and then click Update beside My preapproved payments to find your payment.
  4. Select the payment, and then click Cancel.,-subscription,-or-automatic-billing-agreement-i-have-with-a-merchant-faq1067


Do you save any of my personal information on your website?
No, none of your personal information is saved on
PayPal is our payment processing provider and all payments are processed securely via PayPal. You can read about PayPal’s Privacy Policy here
I'm a beginner do I have to be fit to take part in your beginner’s classes?
No, that’s why we have a beginners program. We will get you fit, confident, energized and empowered.
However, you will have to challenge yourself, take it one step at a time, build up slowly and finish strong.
Do I need any equipment to take part in your classes?
No, you do not need any equipment.
Our gym provides all the necessary equipment’s to take our classes however, if you have your own equipment by all means bring them with you.
I want to compete, do you train people to compete?
Yes, we do train people to compete, you can contact us via our contact page or just come in for a chat.
Do you still have questions?
Please Contact Us, we’d love to hear from you.