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In today’s modern, fast-paced world, many people don’t get a chance to test their skills against other people in a fun yet competitive situation.  Boxing gives you the opportunity to actually compete against other people. The stakes might be high (for example: prize money, status, opportunity for advancement) or they could be relatively low (such as, amateur style tournaments). Regardless, if you are looking to compete in any sport, boxing should be your first choice. You get the chance to pit your skills against opponents of varying skill levels and fighting styles. Competing is an excellent way to determine your own skill level and commitment to boxing. For the truly determined, competing in the boxing ring can help advance your own knowledge, fitness and boxing proficiency.  Competing can become a very enjoyable component of your life and routine which can help you in surprising ways. Stress relief and enhanced health and mental strength due to boxing can be of great assistance to your professional and personal life. Moreover, there is a very welcoming aspect to competing as an amateur boxer. Many opportunities exist to compete in knock out tournaments and competitions. These opportunities exist for boxers of varying skill levels, weight ranges, gender and age.

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