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Boxing914 in association with Rock Steady Boxing are dedicated to improving the quality of life of people living with Parkinson’s Disease. We are here to help give you back your quality of life with specialized classes designed to meet the needs of someone with Parkinson’s within the New York area.

We are 25 minutes from the Bronx and certain areas in Manhattan.
Easily accessible from the metro north White Plains train station.

All participants must make an appointment for an assessment before they start classes.
The cost for the assessment is $40 and typically take an hour.

Top 5 Ways Boxing Helps those With Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is an illness that we all want eradicating from the world, but unfortunately anyone can still develop it; Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers to ever grace this earth sadly fell victim to Parkinson’s disease. However, other than the traditional treatment, there are a multitude of alternative ways that can help those with Parkinson’s live a more fruitful life, and can even slow down the advancement of the deadly disease. Although you may assume boxing is one of the leading causes of loss of brain function, due to all the hefty blows to the head, it can actually vastly reduce symptoms and improve the lives of those with the disease.

Parkinson’s affects many aspects of the brain and produces many symptoms, such as balance issues, coordination problems and difficulty with movement. Now, these factions are what boxing training aims to improve, as well as to enhance general health and well-being, which is contrary to the treatment you may expect a Parkinson’s disease victim to partake in. I should add; these boxing classes are strictly non-contact, so they just place emphasis on improving the body and brain’s functioning to soften the symptoms. Below are the top 5 ways boxing helps those with Parkinson’s disease…

Enhances hand-eye coordination

One of the main features of a good boxer is tremendous hand-eye coordination; to defend and attack optimally your eyes and hands must work in complete harmony. On the other hand, hand-eye coordination is one the main things that Parkinson’s deteriorates. So, whilst regularly training to improve that area of the brain, an individual with the disease should see that particular symptom ease up.

Improves movement

Boxing training can be very demanding on the whole body and cardiovascular system, which subsequently means that you won’t just improve your overall health, but you’ll condition your body as well. Movement is drastically effected by Parkinson’s disease, with some not being able to walk at all, but gaining some agility, speed and fluidity; the problem will start to diminish.

Strengths muscles

Like we’ve just touched on, boxing classes are very demanding on the body, and the constant moving, throwing punches and practicing defence, your muscles will start to fatigue. This is actually a great thing, as after regular classes, your muscles will start to strengthen and adapt to the training.

Provides a community

Boxing classes for those with Parkinson’s can be incredibly rewarding mentally, not just physically. Seeing progress alongside others that are battling the same disease can result in even more progress; it not only reminds them that they are not alone in their fight, but also that the fight can be won.

Releases frustration

Not being able to function like you used to can be extremely infuriating, and the daily symptoms can have a detrimental effect on your life. Therefore, letting out that stress and frustrating by punching the bags, punching the mitts or just generally letting off some steam can help you lead a happier life.

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