adidas Box Hog 3 Plus Boxing Shoes

Super lightweight
Rugged gum rubber outsole delivers superb grip
Outsole breathes to help keep athlete cooler and drier during training and bouts



adidas Box Hog Plus Boxing Shoes These adidas Box Hog Plus Boxing Shoes deliver agile performance with a breathable mesh upper and a low-profile cushioned midsole. The gum rubber outsole provides exceptional grip and traction. Open Mesh Upper A sturdy, single-layer open mesh has been used to construct the upper. The open mesh provides an abundance of breathability and ventilation to keep the feet cool and dry. Superior climate control is ensured as any excess sweat and moisture are quickly and efficiently eradicated to leave your feet feeling cool, dry and comfortable as you strive for the best results and performance. Cool air is encouraged to circulate to promote a drier, healthier environment for your feet to thrive in. Synthetic suede overlays add durability and comfort as well as guarding against friction and irritation. Having the enhanced durability will deliver supreme comfort and confidence knowing you have a substantial amount of protection. Further protection comes in the form of a reinforced mesh heel for support and ankle stability to give a locked-in feel. EVA Midsole The low-profile partial EVA midsole guarantees lightweight midfoot and heel cushioning for a more responsive, comfortable and plush feel. Enhanced cushioning is important for a high-intensity sport such as boxing, where short, sharp movements and being light on the feet is crucial for maximum performance. Reinforced heel cushioning adds stability and will help the wearer have a more assured footing, and minimise the potential risk of injury or strain on the joints. Gum Rubber Outsole For optimum grip and traction, gum rubber has been used within the outsole. Ideal for sturdy indoor grip, the gum rubber is comfortable, durable and lightweight. This helps you to move freely around the ring whether it is during bouts or just in sparring. A significant amount of grip and traction reduces the risk of slipping or stumbling.
Open Mesh Upper - Provides excellent comfort and breathability.
Breathable - Keeps your feet cool, dry and comfortable.
Ventilation - Allows cool air to circulate and create a drier, healthier environment.
Moisture Management - Wicks away excess sweat and moisture.
Synthetic Overlays - Adds durability and support.

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